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Kellee Falkenstrom
My yoga journey started several years ago in college then carried it with me through two pregnancies. After years of practicing, I sought out a deeper understanding of what my practice meant to me, leading me to teacher training at Asha Yoga. I knew how yoga had changed my life not only on the mat but off as well and fell in love with the idea of being able to share this with others. I've witnessed many benefits within myself and others. It is a journey in which I am constantly growing. I am blessed to be surrounded by the love of my husband Erik and my two children.


Joyce Kilberg
I share yoga the way I was inspired and hope to inspire someone else, and so on and so on. The yoga classes I teach are designed for my students to experience the unity of mind and body that are bridged by breath.

I have been practicing yoga for my spiritual growth, following the teachings of my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda for many years. Some of my greatest teachers have been my students and my family.

I am also a practitioner of Thai/polarity bodywork, another modality I practice to open pathways and help clear blockages within the energy body.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my husband of nearly forty years. we enjoy growing our own fruits and veggies and play in the kitchen.


Karen Miscall-Bannon
Karen Miscall-Bannon began her yoga studies in 1985 with Eddie Modestini, and studied with Patty Townsend at the Yoga Center Amherst from 2001-2012, where she became certified at the 200-and 500-hour levels in Embodyoga®, and is certified at the E-RYT 500-hour level by Yoga Alliance. She taught in the YCA’s teacher trainings starting in 2004, and co-led 200-hour teacher trainings starting in 2009 in Newington, CT. She recently relocated to CA where she is teaching classes and leading an Embodyoga® 500-hour teacher training program in Folsom. Karen has extensive knowledge of anatomy, with a focus on yoga therapeutics, stemming from her bodywork practice of over 14 years.

Karen brings a deep love of yoga and yoga philosophy to her teaching, and is known for being able to make abstract concepts accessible to her students. She gratefully brings what she has learned from her teachers and her own practice to her students, to assist them in deepening their awareness of body and mind through the practice of yoga.


Dennis Eagan
Dennis began practicing yoga in 1989. He graduated from Rodney Yee's Advanced Studies Program at the Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, California in 1998 and has been teaching ever since. Dennis emphasized yoga as an energy practice. Classes are infused with an eclectic mix of proper alignment, breath awareness, earth dynamics, and yoga philosophy. He offers advanced study/teacher training courses, workshops, and wilderness yoga retreats throughout the west from Baja to Alaska.

Keynote Presentations:
Green Yoga Conference, Yoga, Animals and Ecology 2009
Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, Yoga, Animals and Ecology 2011

Current book projects: In the Wake of the Aleut, The Nature of Yoga, Yoga's Roots in Ecology


Molly Oser
My yoga journey began fifteen years ago at the local gym where the owner had a passion for yoga and for bringing in the most wonderful teachers. The transformation of a typical exercise room and its students was amazing. Many years later found me jumping from studio to studio (there weren’t many) and finally landing in old Folsom. An end to a professional city planning career and a job I loved pushed me into an exploration of… what next? I knew of a few passions in my life: my career, my kids, my love of the outdoors, and yoga. And I was watching all my athletic friend’s age and have aches. I was planning on a trip to Sweden to visit my son when a teacher said to me, bring something home with you. With that I enrolled in a yin teacher training with Biff Mithoefer, author of the Yin Yoga Kit and the Therapeutic Yoga Kit, at an ashram in Sweden. Stepping completely out of my comfort zone, I found a second career that fuels my passion. With my second yin certification, (I completed my first at Shirkula studio in Rocklin) and encouragement from my new international friends, I began teaching in my home and loving every minute of it. There is no greater joy than to see the opening and the softening that people experience in yoga. It is such an absolute gift to be a part of it in any way. In addition to two yin certifications, and completing two assistant trainings (yin and flow), I am currently enrolled in Karen Miscall-Bannon’s 500 hour Embody yoga teacher training. But truly, the learning happens each time I practice and each time I teach.


Wendy Derish
I discovered yoga 18 years ago as a fun way to stretch and exercise and make friends. But what has kept me coming back for more is the transformation that yoga enabled me. Through yoga I have found a sense of well being, inner peace, belonging, community, balance, authenticity, emotional growth and soul freedom. Coming home to my mat every day provides me with a place to set my soul free, connect to my inner self, and shed the layers life puts on all of us. My passion is to share the practice of yoga with my community in a way that is fun, challenging, fulfilling and deep.

I live on a small farm in Rescue, Ca. with my husband, two children, 3 dogs, and far too many goats and chickens. I enjoy skiing, rafting, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, meditation, sunsets, and, of course, yoga!


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